The Connable Office protects and preserves family legacies across generations. We approach wealth management from a holistic perspective that examines every facet of our clients’ lives, and we design financial and estate plans personalized to their needs.

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Established in the late 1800s, the Connable Office grew from the forward-looking and service-oriented mindset of its founding family. This focus on the future growth, preservation, and legacy of a single family formed the foundation for our deeply personal approach to wealth management.

A tradition of trust and excellence

After serving its founding family for two generations, the Connable Office expanded its services to become one of the country’s first multi-family offices. To honor its tradition of deep, personal relationships and comprehensive services, the Connable Office transitioned to non-family ownership with a team of professionals dedicated to carrying forward the office’s holistic approach. This commitment to excellence remains the heart behind our work.

Today, the Connable Office continues to carry forward our tradition of trust and excellence, which began over a century ago. Our heritage has shaped and formed who we are today, giving us the ability to grow alongside each new generation of clients. This balance of stability and growth allows us to deliver an unparalleled level of personal service to every client family.