At the Connable Office, we develop deeply personal relationships with our clients and examine each client family through a holistic, multi-generational lens. To preserve this premier level of service, we selectively limit the admission of new client families.

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Investment Management

The Connable Office customizes investment plans for each client family, designing portfolios based on their unique goals, objectives, risk tolerance, financial planning, and tax considerations.

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Investment portfolios employ a long-term, strategic focus with a global perspective, diversified across asset classes and investment opportunities. Ongoing portfolio management takes into account the capital markets, as well as any macro-economic and geopolitical fluctuations—all optimized to reflect evolving family dynamics. 

Our investment professionals ensure ongoing reviews of client portfolios, investment managers, and market conditions to maintain the highest standards and ensure all objectives are met. Investment management services are coordinated with other service offerings as part of our holistic approach to preserving family legacies.

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Estate Planning and Trust and Estate Administration

Estate planning and administration has been a core service of the Connable Office for more than 125 years and continues to be a critical aspect of wealth and legacy preservation across generations of client families.

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From basic estate planning documents to sophisticated dynasty trusts that facilitate tax-efficient wealth transfer and creditor protection, the Connable Office works closely with clients and outside advisors to ensure that every opportunity is presented and every challenge is proactively addressed. Comprehensive, thorough, and pragmatic in our approach, we customize each estate plan to reflect client values, concerns, and aspirations for the future.

When a loved one passes away, we guide families through every step of the administration process. During these times of loss, our deep, personal relationships—formed with client families over decades—inspire us to be advocates, advisors, and friends. From funeral planning, settlement of personal and business affairs, and household management to family meetings, tax matters, administration of ongoing trusts, and family beneficiary education, we handle every aspect of estate and trust administration as a trusted confidante and expert fiduciary to the families we serve.

Through comprehensive estate planning and compassionate expertise, we serve our client families through life’s milestone moments and times of loss, honoring their wishes and carrying forward their legacies.

Financial and Personal Advisory

The Connable Office’s talented and dedicated team helps manage financial and personal matters for our client families. Whatever the need or challenge, our professionals make serving clients our top priority—efficiently and confidentially providing comprehensive management of client finances, a caring approach to personal matters, and exceptional administrative support. Additional services provided include family wealth education, bill payment, consolidated financial reporting, and document preservation.

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By managing financial matters, we relieve our client families of stressful details and provide them enhanced peace of mind, knowing we thoroughly understand their overall financial picture. With our office assuming responsibility for day-to-day financial affairs, our clients have more freedom to pursue personal aspirations.

Tax Planning and Compliance

The Connable Office provides high-level tax planning, research, and compliance services, which are integrated with our other core services.

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Our CPAs and tax professionals consult with local, national, and international certified public accounting firms to ensure compliance with taxing authorities. The tax landscape is always changing, so we stay informed and provide timely analysis to help our clients take advantage of opportunities. Our collaborative work environment allows us to further preserve wealth through sophisticated tax planning and judicious tax management.

Foundation Administration

Philanthropy is an important value held by many of our client families, and we take time to understand their charitable goals. Together with our clients, we establish a plan for charitable giving that best accomplishes their specific objectives while minimizing estate, capital gains, and income taxes.

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A private foundation is often the best solution to support charitable causes and unite a family around a common purpose. The Connable Office manages all aspects of these foundations, including legal and tax compliance, along with grant management and tracking. We work closely with our client families and future generations to ensure the family’s charitable legacy continues.

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Business and Real Estate Consulting

Business and real estate investments often play a significant role in the portfolios of client families. Typically, these holdings include closely held family companies structured as S corporations, limited liability companies, or limited partnerships.

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With a thorough understanding of every client family’s financial affairs, tax circumstances, and estate planning goals, we combine professional expertise with practical experience to provide our clients with comprehensive advice for business and real estate.

Individual Retirement Accounts

The Connable Office provides comprehensive Individual Retirement Account fiduciary services for our client families. Under IRS regulations, we qualify to manage IRA accounts as trustee rather than custodian. This ensures the highest degree of care for our clients’ IRA assets.

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Our certified IRA team oversees traditional, Roth, and inherited IRAs. We coordinate transfers and rollovers from outside IRA and 401(k) qualified retirement plans and invest IRA assets pursuant to client goals while ensuring compliance with IRS regulations. IRA distributions, including required and charitable options, are analyzed and customized to each client family’s needs.